We are licensed and registered occupational therapists practicing in pediatrics since 2001.  We have worked in a variety of setting including public and private schools, clinics, and hospitals.  Services include direct therapy, screenings, and evaluations.  We also provide consultation with educators, parents and caregivers, and other service providers such as speech therapists, physical therapists, and behavioral therapists.


We are able to evaluate and treat fine motor, visual motor, and gross motor skills in addition to handwriting and sensory integration challenges.  As occupational therapists we are also able to assist with implementation of sensory diets at home and school in addition to various programs such as integrated Listening systems (iLs), self-regulation programs and the Social Thinking Curriculum.

We are parents of 2 children and have been lucky enough to share the home responsibilities while continuing to practice occupational therapy.  Our children have given us a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and joys each child brings to a family.

We look forward to working with you and your child and assisting with any questions or concerns you may have,


Pete and Michelle Briggs